Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Practical Completion

Just had our practical completion inspection. Just about everything was fixed up. Only a few minor details need attention, but all in all, very happy. Much credit has to be given to our site supervisor DT.

We signed the paperwork, and arranged a time for handover on the 17th of January 2011.

A few hours passed, I guess the customer support coordinator filed the paperwork to apply for the certificate of occupancy from the certifier. Ooops, someone forgot about the acoustic work that was needed to comply for full certification.

I warned our SS from the start. But he ignored me. Now we have to perform work on the house to have the house acoustically certified before handover. How long this is going to take is unknown. Can I find someone that can work over the holidays is also a problem to have it all completed in a timely fashion.

I need Airconditioning, and Acoustic barrier in the alfresco, but before the barrier can go in, I need an alfresco floor done.

It doesn't bother me that it's going to take longer, it's just work I don't have to organise after I move it.


Robert Richmond said...

Can you sign a stat dec to say its in order, or is that the wrong way to go about it? We don't have to do this in our suburb....

JayJay said...

No standard residential won't require this. I'm next a main road that's why I need to do this.

Robert Richmond said...

What are you going to do with your alfresco area floor? Deck or concrete?

JayJay said...

Concrete all the way.