Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still waiting for that tiler (d113)

Insulation was laid yesterday. The guys had to remove the roof tiles to get into the roof. The manhole didn't have enough room to fit the batts through, not only that it was lying in an area that didn't allow great access, between rafters. They might have had to feed it through one by one if they had gone through the man hole. Tip for those building a new house, ask for a larger man hole. It helps.

 Insulation batts on the roof
 I can see it. Trusses in the way
 Finally fitted the down pipe to a drain point


Robert Richmond said...

hmmm.... Not sure what they do with a steel framed roof then? Our manhole has a lot more space above it though....

Jay said...

They'll have to open the bags and pass it through one by one.