Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, today we had the maintenance guys turn up 10mins ahead of schedule, which was good, as I had to go to work as soon as we were finished.

We went through our list of warantee issues, then his tradesman guy turned up and started to working on the things he could. Some items had to be fixed by a plumber, capenter, electrician, window supplier, and garage installer. So I think the tradesman attended to about half of the minor problems. So we'll be waiting for the others to be fixed as soon as they can organise those contractors to do so. We have minor issues with appliances, and we were told to ring the appliance manufacturers to fix their waranty issues.

Can't say their were any major things that needed fixing up. The common things are fixing paint work in the cornices as the foundation settles and the house moves.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On the 1st of July, the QLD government introduced the new home builders grant. If you have owned a house, and are wanting to build a new home. The state government will give you $10,000. If you are a first home owner and wish to build, you will be entitled to $17,000. I'm not sure if the first home buyer is still eempt from stamp duty either. What a bonus!

I'm so upset, we missed it by 5 and half months.

Rachel & Sandy, I wonder if you're eligible?

Monday, July 4, 2011

We have solar

Well we had the solar panels installed on the 22nd of June. Which was a few days less than the 8 weeks waiting period we had to queue for. We opted for a 1.5kW system, the reason we didn't go any larger was that the rebate isn't scaled up for a larger system. Whether you go 1.5 or 50kW, the rebate is the same, and it was way out of our budget. So we got the bear minimum, just so we could do our bit for the environment, that that it would do anything anyway.

Another reason was that we have checked our usage and it turns out, during the day we are only consuming on average 0.75kW, so we would be putting back half of what is generated. Which is still OK. Since the powering going back is worth more than is going in, we thought we'd see if we'd get any benefits without the huge expense.

 Look at the panels, we could have fitted almost 10times as many panels. Which would make us fairly self sufficient, not having to paying any power bills. Would mean we would have to invest in power storage batteries for the night time and rainy weather.

 This is the bright blue inverter that converts the power from the sun to usable 240V in the home.

They also added a circuit breaker for the unit (top left). That loose white thing-a-me-bob is our Climate Smart energy monitor.

Would you believe we have to wait an additional 6-8 weeks before we are connected to the grid. Be cautious guys, if you think you're going to generate power straight away. No, you must wait for a technician from the power company to come and connect you. I guess they can take their time, why would they want to be giving out solar credits straight away. It's the same as those banks who decide to increase rates as soon as the rate rise has been announced, and take their time to discount them when the official rates decrease. Same as petrol.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So we have reached our 6month maintenance period. Yes it's 6 months as opposed to 3months in some southern states. Although I thought it was 6 months from handover, it's actually 6months from PCI. Oh well, it just means we won't get through the actual 6months of wear and tear. There haven't been any major fix ups, just mainly minor adjustments/repairs or small things missing.

Let's see how long it takes for them to get through the list.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We have faster internet. After all the enquiries to Optus, TPG, iiNet, internode & dodo about boradband, none could offer me wired broadband except for one provider. Then after signing up with them on ADSL, I asked if I was able to ADSL2 they said they would have to investigate. After a month of investigation they came through they contracted Telstra to connect me up. The reason I didn't go through Telstra is because they were too expensive. The plans and service I got from my ISP was far better than what anyone else offered. I pay $39.90 for broadband internet and including phone rental. With free local calls, you can't go wrong.

Who are they? SpinTel. Why can they offer exceptional service? because they are australians working for australians, not indians in a call centre placing inquiries. They deal with the big providers to offer the infrastructure service.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

French Doors

To complete everything off we had the french doors screened. This is so we can open up without the fear of pests coming in. We can also now open the doors when it's not too cold or too hot to sleep.

Curtains which were put in on day 2.
Door open
One door closed, one screen closed
Screnn is on the inside
Both screem and door open
From the outside. Screen closed and door open. That's the master bedroom.

Fence up

This week marks the completion of all the major work on the house. The fence is the last of the major things. We had Global Fencing Panels of Capalaba to do the job. Very professional job for the right price. We decided to go with black Aluminium pool fencing at the front and back. We didn't want a fence that blocked the fascade of the house, which it complimented very well.

Down the side we went with colour bond.
 Front retaining wall with fence panels.
 Gate by the portico
 The turf is really growing, I gave it the first mow on the weekend.
 Down the side.
 Inside the gate
 Transition bit.
Side gate
 From the back
 We had to keep this gate below the window sill as it would have looked terrible. Also wanted the gas bottle un-obstructed.
Side fencte from the rear of house
 End of colour bond fence. There's that nightmare of a retaining wall.
 Start of the rear fence, ontop of wall
 Rear fence
 Up the stairs
 Other side
From the top.

Thanks Bill a job well done.

Blinded by the light

So a few weeks back we got the remaining window coverings installed. To my suprise, they lost some of the order, so they installed what they had, and had to chase up the remaining shutters. Vista Blinds got the go ahead, although all the suppliers we looked at were very similar and close to the mark. The finish of the shutters are better than we thought, although the design did not end being so good on the smaller type windows, as the opening wasn't sufficient to allow much light through, as you will be able to tell.

 This is the dining looking into the living reveal. Closed
 Now open
 From the back
 Here's what I mean about the small opening. Very disappointed, but what can you do now we've spent thousands on it.
 Family to hallway reveal. This is a fixed shutter, can not open like the other.
 From the back
 Bathroom (closed)
 Bathroom (open)
 Master (shut)
Master Open. Little opening as in the others. The one in the display home had low profile framing, which is what we were after, but the option was never brought up.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Metricon Referral Bonus

Do any of us building realise we are entitled to a referral commission bonus from Metricon? Yeah apparently when you sign up for the Preliminary Contract and pay your $1500 initial deposit there is a question about how you came to know about Metricon. If you tick the referral box and nominate a person who has recently built with Metricon, then that person is entitled to $1000 (I think).

When we had signed with Metricon we became of distant friends that had built with Metricon, and tried to get this referral bonus sent to them. But the sales consultant said it was too late. We had to nominate them at the preliminary stage. We said we were going to go halves in the bonus. We just wanted to get something back.

I mean why not take advantage of free money when it's out there. If anyone is thinking of building, and wants to nominate me. Send me a message, I will take a $100 cut, and give you the rest LOL. Why not?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dishwasher Dilemma

So we'd been living in our new house for approximately 3 months. We've been compiling a list of defect and maintenance issue for the 6 month maintenance inspection coming soon.

One thing we've failed to use, and thought it would be a good idea to try out so that we could determine if it works or if there are any leaks, was the dishwasher. So we decided that we would use it the same day we had piled up a load of dishes to wash. We read the instructions carefully on how to operate it. Plced our dirty dishes in the machine, and hit start. The clock counted down from 2hrs and 15mins. I was shocked.

My question for those who have just moved or have moved in to their new house is:

"How long does your dishwasher do a cycle of washing?". I swear I could have 10-20 loads of dishes in that time. So we left it overnight, since it would have been close to 1am by the time the machine finished.

The next morning we woke up and decided to take a look. Everything was clean, but the things inside were all still wet. I assumed that sitting on a rack overnight would have been enough time to drip dry, also I thought a dishwasher develops a high enough temperature for the contents to steam dry. Is this the case, or was the fact I had the machine closed all night, made the difference. I am new to the dishwasher caper. Never used one, and am disappointed with my first experience with it.

I thought it was supposed to save me water, but how is a 2hr and 15min wash going save me water. I will have to give it another shot another time, this time monitor the temperature of the wash, as it's supposed to get really hot, isn't it?

Any tips will be appreciated.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm ever so close to having fixed internet on. First the dramas of the trenching of the telephone lead in cable, then I was told I can't get ADSL2+. I asked if I could get ADSL, they told me it maybe possible, but not guaranteed. So a few providers did some investigation, and tell me I have Pair Gain on my line. They will require Telstra to turn it off or something like that.

Anyway I thought I would post some pics of what's been happening inside. We had the holland blind put in various locations arround the house. Shutters will go in the remainer of the windows, have not arrived yet, but looking forward to the privacy from the toilet. Good thing we don't have a neighbour yet.

 The entertainment unit. Got a good price on this as it was the last one left.
 Clock. It was annoying the first few weeks, as we had to either look at the oven, microwave or a/c controller for the time.
 Canvas painting in the living. Looking for more to scatter around the house.
Second book shelf as the first one got filled quickly
It's chockers.

So the fence is booked. Neighbours have agreed to colorbond down the side. And the rest we are doing aluminium pool type, and a few gates also.

Mission: Lawn - Completed

Well after the dramas of under supply of turf. I am happy to say it's all done. Apart from one thing. Our water tank is running on empty. How can that happen? I supposed we've been using for almost 3 months, but I didn't think we used that much. And where has the rain been? I hope I don't offend anyway, especially those who are building, but.... where is the rain when you need it? It rained the first day, then it was gone.

I think there is also something wrong with how our roof and tank yield rain. I think more is going into storm water than there is supposed to go into the tank.

I borrowed the lawn roller from the in-laws and had a go at rolling. It's tough back-breaking work. Another reason why rain would be good is because, it takes me a good 45mins to water approximately 210sqm of lawn. There are better things I'd rather do.

Just how long am I supposed to be watering the new turf daily for? I was told that in 4 weeks, I can mow it for the first time. Not looking forward to that. Good thing is I bought low maintenance grass. It's called Empire Zoysia (Japonica). Apparently it doesn't need as much sun was other types, and best part is the low maintenance side.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lawn at long last

The turf got laid over two day. Machinery had to be craned over the fence just to access the upper backyard, and another bobcat was relaying top soil from the bottom for him to spread over. So it was a team effort. So happy it got done though.

Did you believe they under supplied. The front didn't get completed. They will be supply more tomorrow, and I will have to lay it myself. I will then take photos.

I've booked the fence people in. So I can't wait til thats done. Then the outside is almost done, just need a shed.

Still buying furnishings for the inside of the house. I will be going shopping for lights this week, I think I need to replace the existing battens, with more decorative lights. I booked the Climate smart people the other day, now we can monitor how much power we use.