Thursday, January 13, 2011

We have airconditioning

One step down two more to go before we can move in.

Today the daikin reverse cycle inverter ducted airconditioning went in. The guys turned up first thing in the morning, and were done not long after lunch. This is the first time I've been able to see the house with the carpet laid.

 Control unit
 Outdoor unit
 Internal unit
 Three outlets in the open living area
Master bedroom outlet.

So we still have to lay the portico slab and have our acoustic barrier installed, the slab will have to wait until the weather holds up sufficient enough to get minor earthworks done. I took a sneak peek at the QA report for the home. My SS scored a 100% for quality and presentation. Which is supposed to mean it's up to display home quality. My home a display home?


Robert Richmond said...

Looks good Jay! This will be great for your family. When are you going to get the driveway done? We got a quote last week.

JayJay said...

Driveways have to be done after handover. We have a 20m laneway we can use temporarily, until we can get it done anyway. Either that or the kerbside.

JayJay said...

Hey Robert, seems we got the same controller unit. Even though I didn't go through Metricon.

Clarence Corlett said...

Two years has passed already but I hope you didn't experience a faulty AC. Having an efficient AC entails regular maintenance and proper cleaning. I hope you managed to maintain your AC's efficiency through the years. And I also hope you didn't run into more troubles during your stay there.

Clarence Corlett @