Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No tiling (d110)

No tiler today. I don't know if he didn't turn up because the tiles didn't turn up or if the tiles didn't turn up because he didn't turn up. I'm sure the delivery driver doesn't have keys to the house.

For those who are building and reading this blog, you might be interested in the following facebook pages. you'll probably like this Robert.
Jay there's another page if you search for it called "metricon is crap" where people who have had bad experiences with Metricon unite.

9 days until inspection
21 days to PC

 Got four tap outlets around the house. Two are rain water. They still haven't fixed this downpipe to connect with the gutter outlet. I'm not concerned at this point, as it drains away from the house as soon as it rains.
 Tank sign

Plumber was trying to break the concrete so he could join the downpipe to this drain
This is going to come in handy to keep the flies away from the food in the alfresco area.


Tonia said...

hey Jay, just came across your blog. Your house seems to be coming along! How exciting! Have you had any issues with Metricon? We should start building next week, and I have heard a few rumours about them! Getting a bit worried!

vi-jay said...

Depends where you are. I've notice most complaints come from those building in Melbourne. Some in Sydney. But Brisbane seems to have the least of the problem. Not to say there are no problems, there are always issues. The problems we faced was that a missing roof tile lead to rain entering our roof cavity. I'm just annoyed it wasn't picked up earlier. Now I have sogging insulation bats, and possibly timer frames that will go mouldy.

Tonia said...

I'm in Sydney. Guess we will see how everything progresses. Hopefully with no dramas! It's ashame about your roof tiles though. Hopefully it gets sorted for you!

Robert Richmond said...

Thanks Jay! Added it.