Friday, October 29, 2010

Plastering completed (d77)

Week 11
Platering got completed today, apart from two tiny areas underneath the portico eaves. Apparently they are awaiting lead flashings to be fitted before they can fit up. How considerate, the ordinary contractor would have fitted the soffits on then the guy who fitted the flashings would be complaining and ripping the soffits back off.

We should be ready for painting after the tiler is done with the wet area.

Gotta say the fascade looks much better with the garage door in place.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garage door on, Tiling started (d76)

Today I went around to the property to check things over since it was dry. I took some photos and headed around the house. At the back of the garage is a dead locked door, which I thought was locked until I attempted to turn it, and low and behind I was inside. I stepped inside and took some snaps. I headed home and asked the family, if they wanted to see inside. As it had been about a week since our last visit. We paid particular attention to our colour selection of the cupboards. We were happy.
Living (my study) looking into the dining area.
Kitchen cabinets.
Ensuite shower grouted
Niche in ensuite shower
Close look at the garage door
Alcove in the master bedroom
WIR and ensuite cabinets

Doors for bedrooms and toilet

Bedroom 4
Bedroom 3
Wet area tiling
Bathroom tiling

Laundry tiling
Down the side of the house (vacant lot next door where we flattened the fill, way back)
Rear eaves
Alfresco ceiling

Back of garage door. Where I discovered the door unlocked
Garage opener

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Locked out (d68)

Today spells the beginning of the end. I was locked out of my own home. I guess there won't be as many photos from here on in. Unless I can gain access inside. MAjority of photos will be taken through the windows.

Looks like the cornices are on, and cabinets installed. Architraves will be fitted on soon I guess.

Ensuite basin
Toilet. Looks like waterproofing has been down.

Water proofing of bathroom
Shower water proof. I've seen other houses where the black resin is applied all over, but here they do the bare minimum over the patched areas.

Laundry also waterproofed
Looking at kitchen. I see the overhead cupboards, and the island bench.

Better view, but mind the reflection

The soffits under the eaves are being fitted. Those timber bits look old, and mouldy.

Eaves down the side
Eaves over the french doors

Eaves over the study

Sheeted the top of the entrance way.It really improves the look.

Garage access door locked
Other door going outside.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gyprocked (d64)

Fine day and the brick work is dry. Looks great. The brickwork looks a bit lighter than the bottom. Oh well. But me no complain.

The gyprock was finished today with the cornices ready to be attached. All the joins filled and smoothed out.

We are approcahing lock-up stage.

My son in the master bedroom looking out.

Cupboards/cabinets arrived, ready to be installed. Also looking at the ensuite

Some more in the study
Another view
Entrance door

Living (study) looking into the dining area. This cutout is not a standard feature, we asked for it, because we saw it at the display home. If was free of charge.

Living (study) room windows

The three niches. The kids love getting into the picture.

Family to dining (open design)

Bifolds into the alfresco area

View through the cutout

Bedroom 4

Landry taps

Remember this wall, holding up the main road behind

Water tank goes here.
Bathroom, starting to look good.

Our alcove in the master bedroom

Bedroom 2.


Living (my study)