Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You little rippa (d128)

I went to visit the house, with very little expectation that any would be done today, and discovered the carpets were put in. Not sure the colours are right, so I will have to investigate. It's been over 18months since our colour selection, so it's just better that we question it, just in case.

27 days until handover.

 Master bedroom
I asked for this gas tap in the alfresco by my SS, if I didn't they would have given me a standard brass screw on cap. I said I saw it at the display home.

So after the drenching caused by a weeks rain and continuous rain the day before, this is what the outdoor area looks like with the new crusher dust.
A little moisture here, but alot better than what it used to be
Alfresco dry up to the wall, remember it was pooling in this area

 Dry here
 And dry here. Amazing


Cassandra Jane said...

Did they put the crusher dust down or did you?

JayJay said...

Metricon does it as part of their site works. They need to, as the engineers won't check off on the house if it's pooling with water. So rest assured, I know the problems you are having at your property, it will soon be solved. They do this just after the final site clean up. Which is close the practical completion.

Robert Richmond said...

Hey Jay....Your house looks really good! Nice to see all the water has dried up with the crusher dust. Our site supervisor said they will be doing a similar thing at the rear of our joint as well. It likes to pool the same way it does at Cassandras place, but it seems to drain away a little quicker.

JayJay said...

I'm am very suprise, even after Sunday when it rained all day, that it was dry the next day.