Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sealed off (d118)

It turns out someone did turn up on the day I thought no work would be performed. The people doing the sealing with silicon guns did all the tile joints and also the Articulation Joints in the brickwork. I thought it looked strange with temporary foam inside the joints.

Well I got a call from my SS. Looks like Friday is the day for us to do our PC Inspection. Carpet was due Thursday, but upon inspection looks like they got a bad batch, with runs through it. So they have reordered and it will go in later.

Turns out there is still no chance of being in before Christmas. It will take until mid January for all the, invoicing and certificate of occupancy to occur.

So the countdown is

Inspection in 1 day (tomorrow, we walk through and dot the house)
Practical completion 12 days (when handover paperwork is processed)

Articulation/Expansion joints in bricks

There's tile expansion joint in the middle of this shot.

Yet another thing to check off the list.
Things to be done:
Quality Assurance check
Site clean
Engineer & Certifiers approval
Another internal clean up.

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Robert Richmond said...

Hey Jay,

I was wondering how they were going to be fixing the expansion joints in out brickwork as well... they have some foam in it at the moment, and it sort of looks out of place?

Now I know!