Friday, December 3, 2010

Just need grouting (d112)

Week 16

So finally the tiler made it back and beaumont delivered the 12 pack of tiles need by the tiler to finish laying the tiles. I wasn't game to inside and walk on the tiles since they were newly laid. Plus the soil around the area has too much clay, and it would have ruined it. The tiler will back for his last day on Friday to grout the tiles. Then it will called done. Hopefully there are no defects that he has to come back.

Now there's only a few other things to do:
- Carpeting
- Roof insulation (Friday)
- Clean
- Install, dishwasher, oven & stove (that won't happen until days before handover)
- Oh of course fix those missing and broken roof tiles still on the house.

Am I forgetting something? I don't know why all these things can't be done before Christmas. The sooner they have it done, the sooner you will get paid. As easy as that.

7 days until inspection
19 days to PC

 Linen cupboard
 Tiler removed these doors for tiling
 Fridge space
 Looking at bifords
 Family area, alcove for TV
Transition from wet area to new tiled area. We are going with white grout.

 Kitchen again
Some sandy looking substance below the architraves. I think it's some insect causing this. I've seen black ants hanging around the place.
Telstra came to connect phone line, but I don't know it's actually connected


Jay said...

Whats that brown stuff on your floor in the second pic Jay. Is it mud??

Jay said...

Nothing, just a combination of a shadow, lighting, the over spray from the paint probably makes it looks worse than it is.

Jay said...

How's your house going mate?