Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Internal cleaning round 1 (d116)

Well yesterday the cleaner came around to do the internal cleaning. The tiler left a mess on top of the tiles, she had to mop the floors 3 times over.

I didn't have chance to get inside, as the floors were still wet. The ground has been so muddy, I wouldn't have liked to gone in anyway. She said she will be back another two more times before handover.

So the countdown is
Inspection in 3 days
Practical completion 14 days

 Don't know if you can notice, but the windows have been cleaned
 Study and french doors into the master bedroom
Side view
 Note from the cleaner
The bathroom has come up spotless

Things to do:
Quality Assurance check
Sealing tile joints (silicon)
Site clean
Engineer & Certifiers approval
Another internal clean up.

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