Thursday, December 2, 2010

No show again (d111)

Well the tiler was a no show again today. I hope he comes soon, he's only got until the end of the week.

We had the gutters repaired and the downpipe redirected properly. The plumber texted me today saying he wouldn't able to make it because of the rain. I don't know why he told me that. He really should be talking to Metricon.

8 days until inspection
20 days to PC

 All fixed.... but
I see a dent in the gutter.


Robert Richmond said...

So did Metricon give you an earlier completion date in writing? It's just that ours is supposed to be 180days from site start...?

vi-jay said...

They told us we had a build time of 18 weeks. So far our SS is 3-4 weeks ahead. There were 2 weeks in there for inclement weather. So according to him practical completion was due in February. Now it's looking like before Christmas. But Handover on the 17th of January. We are booking tradies to do. Airconditioning, concreting (driveway, porch & alfresco)