Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dotting the house (d119)


Well on Friday, we meet with our SS and began dotting the house for defects and area that needed touch up or defects. It seems we picked up several, mainly just cleaning.

He also mentioned to me that he would fix up the drainage issue at the back outdoor area. It was paramount that the field drains worked before it was certified.

We had a couple of landscaping guys around to quote us for the yard that we are going to have done later.

On Saturday the bobcat arrived to perform site cleanup and added gravel around the house to improve the drainage. It then poured down from 11am until the next morning. I don't how much work the bobcat did to finish the yard, but I didn't feel he had enough time to finish off.

It turns out practical completion will be the 21st. I will be called back to the house to sign off so that the paperwork can be started for handover. Hopefully everything will be good enough on the day.


Robert Richmond said...

This is great! I wish you both the very best for your home. It all sounds very exciting!!!! I hope the Bob Cat got everything done? I didn't know they came around at the end to level the ground off.. I thought I'd have to do this myself!

Best wishes!

Tonia said...

sounds wonderful! Good luck with it all :)

Jay said...

@Robert, I didn't know a lot of things either. I'm being suprise at each stage. How did the house hold up after the rain?

Thanks you both. I won't be updating much in the next few weeks. It's just a waiting game now. There won't be much you haven't already seen. If anything comes up that is note worthy I will let you know.