Monday, September 27, 2010

That's a wrap, Doors on (d45)

Knock, knock Now I have a door. Too bad I don't have any friends to visit.
Grand entrance

Friday, September 24, 2010

Roof done, Side wrap (d42)

Week 6
I had a site meeting the site supervisor today. Just went through a few issues I had with the frame stage and external plumbing issues. I asked him when he thinks he can have the house ready, still no comment. I guess he doesn't want to commit to any date, just yet.

I love the wrapping, looks like a smurf.

Entrance way is taking shape
French doors go here
Towards front

At rear

Two boots are in the wrong place

Plumber came to rough-in and pumped the water out of the shower recess.

Here too.

Kitchen area, look at the floors... yuck!

Family area

Roof tiling grout
Outdoor area from the back yard


Rear of house between back wall and retaining wall


Overall view

Garage. They missed the top section of the wrap, so they can brick overhand. If you build close to a boundary, rather than removing the fence, they will brick from the inside.

The smurf house.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tiles on (d40)

There was a gang of 6-8 men today putting up the roof tiles. Even through the showers they persisted with the work. That's what I like to see. They got a lot done in one day. They need to come back and grout under the corner tiles. I think they still need to finish off the lead flashings too.

I've seen the roofing down on another site, they use a conveyor which is loaded from the ground and is collected on top of the roof and stacked.

Sarking from under the roof.

A new roof looks great

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tiles arrived (d36)

Roof tiles arrived. Temporary fall protection has been added to the front of the house.
The electrician has laid out where the cables are running at the front. I will have to becareful, if I need to excavate the retaining wall at the front, that I don't cut the cables.
View of front

Colour of roof tiles, boral gun metal.

Tiles, roof battens, and sarking wrap.

Fall protection

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gutter & Fascia's on (d35)

Week 5
Today the gutters and fascias, also the temporary down pipes went on.

Left over materials.
Down pipe along the tight side of house.

I'm loving the two tone colours.

That's how the fascia's are fixed to the rafters.

Outdoor area

View from side

Front of house

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roofing finally completed (d34)

The frame work is completed. I think they will come and fit the gutters in the next few days.

Those gutters and fascia's. Having appreciation for the colours we choose so way way back.

Post 1 outdoor area

Post 2 outdoor area

Post 1 Portico (strange how they miss one hole in the base plate)

Post 2 portico
Apparently the made the wrong lenth of post and these are the new ones cut.

Rafters tied back to ply wood.

These are for the bulkheads

Down the hallway to the entrance

Look how straight the rafters are.

Noggin bent

Looking towards the front

Looking at rear

Overall house - side elevation

The front of house