Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiling day 2 (d109)

The tiling is progressing much faster than I expected. I guess it's hard in the wet area, when you have intricate edges, cuts and joins around.

The tiler is still yet to do the living area, linen cupboard, and along the walls, where he could possibly use the tiles with chipped corners. Then I guess he will use the full day on Thursday to grout and finish off. Some of the tiles have large cracks and will be a write-off.

Those who read this, it is probably worthwhile to open up all the boxes to inspect tiles, the sooner you pick up on the problem, the sooner it will be rectified.

I spoke to my SS yesterday and he said that extra tiles will be delivered Tuesday. Which will keep the tiler moving without delay.

The external plumbing should be finished this week also.

If tiling is finished this Thursday, carpets shouldn't be very far behind, and then there's the insulation in the roof. Apart from that, I don't know what else there is to do. Then cleaning crew can have fun going over the house.

10 days until inspection

22 days to PC

 Can't see much but I trimmed the trees along the fence.
 Tiles upto the entrance.
 Again here
 Tank pump/rainbank system.
 This unit shuts off when the tank level is low, and distributes mains to the toilets and laundry.
 Tiling in dining area
 Another view into the hallway
 Living area
 Dining into Kitchen
The new tank. I think the colour (paperbark) works better with the bricks than, classis cream.

It rained last night, I checked the level and it's up to the 3rd groove.

Watertank arrived (d108)

Well this morning I waited for the tank guy to delivery my water tank. While I was doing so I thought I would trim the tree branches hanging over the fence line along the garage side. I then took a look behind be at the gutter to see how I would attach the gutter leaf guards. To my suprise, there were a roof tile missing. And the tile next to it, had been crcked and fixed up with silicon.

Then remembering back to the last big rain fall we had, I noticed that problem with water running over the eaves. I realised it was the water running off the roof into the roof cavity and running off the eaves.

I rang the SS to his suprise also, he thought that, when the tiler came around to replace the cracked tile above the family area, he must have taken this one and not covered it up. I asked if the water that came in would damage anything. His defense is that it would dry out. Yes it would dry out, but would leave things damp and mould could form. I will keep this area monitored, if the walls start to change shape or colour. They will coming back to rip it up and replace it.

So I covered this area with left over sarking, luckily I did we had a brief shower last night. I hope it held during the rain.

11 days until inspection
23 days to PC

Water tank in place. The plumber will be around to connect it in. Still way cheaper than what Metricon wanted to charge.

I trimmed the weeds in the back yard on the week end. Looks much better now.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yesterday's pics (d106)

This is the progress from the tiling for the kitchen and living area.

Today I saw the carpenter on site. Way to go! He was finally fitting out the home. He said it would take him a good 4 hours. So the rest of the fitout would be completed today. Door handles, door stops, towel rails etc.

Now hopefully to tiles will arrive Monday.

 Around kitchen bench
 Living area
 Broken tiles
Some completely snapped, then some just had corners broken off.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tiling restarts (d105)

Week 15

There were some dramas today. I arrived on site this morning for my obligatory drive-by on my way to work. I didn't expect to see the tiler back so soon, and I was so sure my SS told me he'd be back on Monday. Oh well the sooner he starts the soon it will get done.

He tells me he would take 4 days to fully tile the area on the contract. Well tht's better than I expected, which I anticipated 3 weeks. So I get to work and a few hours later the Tiler rings me. I don't know how he ever got my number. But he asked me to come to the house, because there was a big problem. The tiler is dutch, so quote hard to understand. I didn't even know who he was initially. Anyway he reported that all the tiles had been cracked. I'm am like "WHAT? All of them?" He said not all but a big majority of them. I asked him to ring the SS. He tried but wasn't picking up. So I tried his manager. He wasn't picking up either. He rang me back a few hours later, I told him about the issues, and he said he would do his best to replace the broken tiles.

So on my way home. I checked the condition of the tiles. Most of them had corners chipped and broken. I'd say he was able to recover 20% of the tiles and laid the kitchen and living area. He does not have enough to continue for Saturday which was what he wanted to do. He was going to work Saturday to knock over the job quicker as he indicated he had several job that were urgent that he was scheduled to do.

So I'm not sure how soon Metricon can rectify the problem, but it turns the problem could have been a number of possibilities:

1. Damage to tiles on transport to site
2. Damage occurred upon loading off the truck or
3. Painters used the stack of tiles to stand on while painting and it occurred then.

It was interesting that none of the broken tiles were seen when opening a few boxes to tile wet area. But I can't be too sure. I'll let Metricon deal with the blame game. I'm sure insurance will cover the loss. But what a pity. I have lost a day in my construction schedule.

14 days until inspection
25 days to PC

 Front fascade with no portaloo blocking the view
 Something wrong with the door seal
 Gas connection
 New gutter, because someone damaged the exisiting gutter.
External light

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Electrical fit out (d104)

Plumber came around again today to fit the gas connection to the wall.

The electricians were busily connecting light switches and power points.

The chippies will be here any day to fit the door handles, door stops, wardrobe hangers and whatever else they are supposed to do. Probably also finish off the manhole cover.

15 days until inspection
26 days to PC

 Kitchen bench GPO on splashback
 Powerpoint and aerial
 Light switch
 External sensor light
 Front External lights
 Porch light
 Lights around the french doors
 Got the rangehood in
 Let there be light
 Alfresco light and fan
 Entrance lights
Lighting up the niches

Portaloo is gone. Rolls of insulation arrived today also. Will be looking forward to hearing what the combined effects of double glazing and insulation do to the sound in the house.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Construction update (d103)

I called my site supervisor today. Practical completion is still shceduled for 21 of December. But our inspection is due a week before. He told me on the 10th of December he will get together to walk through the house and dot the defects.

Handover will be 17th of January. The SS will be taking 2 weeks off over Christmas. From the 23rd of December to the 10th of January. Head office will be back in the office on the 4th of January.
16 day until inspection
27 days to PC
Down pipe and tap
Front tap
Another down pipe connected into the ground. I don't know if this is industry standard now, but there's an isolation valve here. That means I don't have to walk to the water meter to turn the mains off. Which is good for me as I have a 20m driveway to walk down.
Another tap, in the background is the point for gas onnection

Hot water system

Drain, I think this might have to be raise. It's too love into the ground.

This one might be too high

Plumbing day (d102)

28 days until PCI

I went on site today and saw that the plumber had arrived. I asked him about the possibility of plumbing the rain water tank. We had bought it ourselves instead of having Metricon supply this. We saved quite a bit doing it this way. The tank is due to arrive on Monday. From there I need a plumber to connect in the inlets and overflow, and the pump to the house.

I will have to ring tomorrow, and have confirmation from my SS about the scope of the plumbing work. I was unsure if I needed to connect into the house or not, or whether the Metricon contractor would do it.

The plumber let me in to take some photos. The water mains were disconnected and he was checking for leaks with all the taps and toilets.

The only remaining plumbing work required is externally.

Main Bathroom
Shower rail
Kitchen sink
Glass splash back. Supposed to be a gold metallic colour
All childrens bedrooms have wardrobes with a vinyl and glass sliding door.
Plumbing under the sink
Kitchen cabinets
Water tap for fridge
Bifolds out to alfresco
Family area
Living area (study)
Living looking into dining area
Wall niches
The ceiling. No lights yet.
Wallway ceiling
Master bedroom alcove
Toilet in the ensuite
French doors
Ensuite vanity
Shower heads
Shower niche
Shower frame. The reflection makes the illusion that there's also a window iside the shower area.
The ensuite windows
Walk in Robe