Saturday, July 31, 2010

Walls filled

The concrete pump arrived on site and they core filled the wall. It was quite drizzly today, but it didn't stop them from doing the work.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Core filling wall

The wall are all up, tomorrow they will core fill the block wall.

They reinstated the acoustic panels, now the noise levels are back to normal

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wall going up

Today I was more excited about the sleeper wall going in. They back filled the road side with gravel, so no pedestrians can fall into the hole. Now we can reinstate the acoustic wall to stop annoying the neighbours with the road noise.

The block wall is going up, and we've amount a huge amount of excavated fill. Even though the other fill was delivered for free, it seems I won't have a need for it. I'm frantically trying to find somewhere I can dump it. And it's not going to be cheap by the looks of it. It's not my block that I've stockpiled it either. I told the neighbours it was going to be temporarily stored until I can find somewhere to dump it. A very costly mistake. I really should have waited until I needed it. Bugger!

I'm building an Everest home, not mount everest.
Reinforcing bars in the block work.
Yay, sleepr walls in. Some panels were put back into place too. Out off all those sleepers, I have two left over. What am I going to do with it? I can't sell it back. And they were expensive. Almost $400 a pop.
Aggi pipe for drainage. Notice how the footings are facing towards the backfill side. Wall are more effective this way.
This wall we have the footings facing the opposite direction as we didn't want to be removing the fence and excavating more soil back.

They have only partial finished this wall.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pouring block wall footings

Today they excavated the footings for the other wall, and poured it. The brickies are on site organising the blocks to build up tomorrow. Sleepers will go in tomorrow. A small crane was hired to do the job.

gravel for backfill

It seems like we've developed quite a mound of excavated soil. It's making me feel very uneasy about the fill I asked to be delivered. I might not even need it. I thought the amount of soi that comes out, would be enough to go back in.

Metricon came on site to place the portaloo on and also attach their sign. I should tell my SS that he's not a good speller. It should be Coventry

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Start sleeper wall

Today they bored the post footings for the uprights. They look crocked to me. I'm sure the sleepers will align them properly once they go in. You can see the road behind. Lots of heavy trucks use this road. Lot's of noice get's through if you take the panels down. These beams were not cheap to hot dip galvanise either.

750mm diameter post footings at about 1.8m down

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Excavating wall footings

I took a day off from work to watch the first day of wall building. They excavated the trench for the footings we have offset the wall 500mm from the boundary. Hope that fence doesn't fall down.
There's plenty of clay here on site.

Today they could only finish off this side of the wall. The other side will be done tomorrow. The rest of the day was trying to remove the acoustic panels, they were a bugger of a thing to take out. We rigged up the excavator with chains to lift it off.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Site Cut (d0)

This the section of wall that I need to take out. Four panels to be removed and install a sleeper wall as this side only gives me 1600mm clearance from the corner of the house to the wall. It's very tight.

I had the sleepers and new posts delivered to site. I can't believe it almost cost $1000. I needed a semi with a crane.

Long beams and sleeper. I also organised some fill to use in the back yard. It seems too much. I calculated I needed about 60cum.

The lone boundary peg.

nice cut job I must say. I wonder what it will look after once the wall guys have been all over it.