Monday, December 6, 2010

What a suprise (d115)

On my way to work this morning I checked up the house. I didn't see any utes on site, so I thought they might arrive later on. I just thought I'd walk up to the door to check if out of the odd chance, that the tiler had been there over the weekend. I don't think he was there Saturday, as we drove by on our way back from shopping.

So on Monday morning it was a real surprise to me that the grouting had been done. He must have come on Sunday to do the work. I think all contractors are busily working hard leading upto the Christmas break.

In speaking to the tiler during last week, he indicated he had several urgent jobs on the go, so what better way of finishing them off than working on the weekend.

On my way home from shopping on Saturday, I noticed that someone attended to the missing roof tile. It came about from a fairly nasty email I sent to head office about their QA inspectors.

The list of things to do is gradually reducing:
- Sealing tiling joints
- Carpeting
- Clean
- Install, dishwasher, oven & stove

5 days until inspection
17 days to PC
 Entrance corridor

 Looking at kitchen
 Bench with raised servery
 Other kitchen bench
 Pantry and fridge space
 Looking towards entrance
 Looking in the opposite direction
 Linen closet
 The rain again causes local flooding
Kitchen, family and dining rooms.

That completes the tiling stage. The rain continues to tumble down. So lucky that the major works required are all internal.


Shayne said...

Looking great! You are really on the home stretch now!!

Its great some tradesmen are so dedicated they are there on the weekends :)

Robert Richmond said...

Hey Jay! It's looking great!I'd be getting very excited about now!!

Jay said...

I would be excited if I could have the house before Christmas. It would be like the ideal Christmas present. But it's still going to be 17th of Jan on my books.