Saturday, May 28, 2011

French Doors

To complete everything off we had the french doors screened. This is so we can open up without the fear of pests coming in. We can also now open the doors when it's not too cold or too hot to sleep.

Curtains which were put in on day 2.
Door open
One door closed, one screen closed
Screnn is on the inside
Both screem and door open
From the outside. Screen closed and door open. That's the master bedroom.

Fence up

This week marks the completion of all the major work on the house. The fence is the last of the major things. We had Global Fencing Panels of Capalaba to do the job. Very professional job for the right price. We decided to go with black Aluminium pool fencing at the front and back. We didn't want a fence that blocked the fascade of the house, which it complimented very well.

Down the side we went with colour bond.
 Front retaining wall with fence panels.
 Gate by the portico
 The turf is really growing, I gave it the first mow on the weekend.
 Down the side.
 Inside the gate
 Transition bit.
Side gate
 From the back
 We had to keep this gate below the window sill as it would have looked terrible. Also wanted the gas bottle un-obstructed.
Side fencte from the rear of house
 End of colour bond fence. There's that nightmare of a retaining wall.
 Start of the rear fence, ontop of wall
 Rear fence
 Up the stairs
 Other side
From the top.

Thanks Bill a job well done.

Blinded by the light

So a few weeks back we got the remaining window coverings installed. To my suprise, they lost some of the order, so they installed what they had, and had to chase up the remaining shutters. Vista Blinds got the go ahead, although all the suppliers we looked at were very similar and close to the mark. The finish of the shutters are better than we thought, although the design did not end being so good on the smaller type windows, as the opening wasn't sufficient to allow much light through, as you will be able to tell.

 This is the dining looking into the living reveal. Closed
 Now open
 From the back
 Here's what I mean about the small opening. Very disappointed, but what can you do now we've spent thousands on it.
 Family to hallway reveal. This is a fixed shutter, can not open like the other.
 From the back
 Bathroom (closed)
 Bathroom (open)
 Master (shut)
Master Open. Little opening as in the others. The one in the display home had low profile framing, which is what we were after, but the option was never brought up.