Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiling day 2 (d109)

The tiling is progressing much faster than I expected. I guess it's hard in the wet area, when you have intricate edges, cuts and joins around.

The tiler is still yet to do the living area, linen cupboard, and along the walls, where he could possibly use the tiles with chipped corners. Then I guess he will use the full day on Thursday to grout and finish off. Some of the tiles have large cracks and will be a write-off.

Those who read this, it is probably worthwhile to open up all the boxes to inspect tiles, the sooner you pick up on the problem, the sooner it will be rectified.

I spoke to my SS yesterday and he said that extra tiles will be delivered Tuesday. Which will keep the tiler moving without delay.

The external plumbing should be finished this week also.

If tiling is finished this Thursday, carpets shouldn't be very far behind, and then there's the insulation in the roof. Apart from that, I don't know what else there is to do. Then cleaning crew can have fun going over the house.

10 days until inspection

22 days to PC

 Can't see much but I trimmed the trees along the fence.
 Tiles upto the entrance.
 Again here
 Tank pump/rainbank system.
 This unit shuts off when the tank level is low, and distributes mains to the toilets and laundry.
 Tiling in dining area
 Another view into the hallway
 Living area
 Dining into Kitchen
The new tank. I think the colour (paperbark) works better with the bricks than, classis cream.

It rained last night, I checked the level and it's up to the 3rd groove.


Robert Richmond said...

hmmm..I notice on our home they have added the piping to the rainwater tank up high? I wonder why the difference? We are getting a bluescope tank at around 1/3rd the the cost they wanted to charge us...

vi-jay said...

Have they added it already? On mine they just left the outlets out of the gutters going to nowhere. Once the tank came in, the plumber had to connect it all in.

vi-jay said...

Bluescope didn't have the size we were after. I think this is as thin as you can get it, 800mm wide x 2020 high and 3030 long. Even though our tank supplier, supplied the parts, they wouldn't connect it. So I had to ask the Metricon plumber to connect it all in for me. I paid him on the spot. Easy money for him.