Friday, November 26, 2010

Tiling restarts (d105)

Week 15

There were some dramas today. I arrived on site this morning for my obligatory drive-by on my way to work. I didn't expect to see the tiler back so soon, and I was so sure my SS told me he'd be back on Monday. Oh well the sooner he starts the soon it will get done.

He tells me he would take 4 days to fully tile the area on the contract. Well tht's better than I expected, which I anticipated 3 weeks. So I get to work and a few hours later the Tiler rings me. I don't know how he ever got my number. But he asked me to come to the house, because there was a big problem. The tiler is dutch, so quote hard to understand. I didn't even know who he was initially. Anyway he reported that all the tiles had been cracked. I'm am like "WHAT? All of them?" He said not all but a big majority of them. I asked him to ring the SS. He tried but wasn't picking up. So I tried his manager. He wasn't picking up either. He rang me back a few hours later, I told him about the issues, and he said he would do his best to replace the broken tiles.

So on my way home. I checked the condition of the tiles. Most of them had corners chipped and broken. I'd say he was able to recover 20% of the tiles and laid the kitchen and living area. He does not have enough to continue for Saturday which was what he wanted to do. He was going to work Saturday to knock over the job quicker as he indicated he had several job that were urgent that he was scheduled to do.

So I'm not sure how soon Metricon can rectify the problem, but it turns the problem could have been a number of possibilities:

1. Damage to tiles on transport to site
2. Damage occurred upon loading off the truck or
3. Painters used the stack of tiles to stand on while painting and it occurred then.

It was interesting that none of the broken tiles were seen when opening a few boxes to tile wet area. But I can't be too sure. I'll let Metricon deal with the blame game. I'm sure insurance will cover the loss. But what a pity. I have lost a day in my construction schedule.

14 days until inspection
25 days to PC

 Front fascade with no portaloo blocking the view
 Something wrong with the door seal
 Gas connection
 New gutter, because someone damaged the exisiting gutter.
External light