Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plumbing day (d102)

28 days until PCI

I went on site today and saw that the plumber had arrived. I asked him about the possibility of plumbing the rain water tank. We had bought it ourselves instead of having Metricon supply this. We saved quite a bit doing it this way. The tank is due to arrive on Monday. From there I need a plumber to connect in the inlets and overflow, and the pump to the house.

I will have to ring tomorrow, and have confirmation from my SS about the scope of the plumbing work. I was unsure if I needed to connect into the house or not, or whether the Metricon contractor would do it.

The plumber let me in to take some photos. The water mains were disconnected and he was checking for leaks with all the taps and toilets.

The only remaining plumbing work required is externally.

Main Bathroom
Shower rail
Kitchen sink
Glass splash back. Supposed to be a gold metallic colour
All childrens bedrooms have wardrobes with a vinyl and glass sliding door.
Plumbing under the sink
Kitchen cabinets
Water tap for fridge
Bifolds out to alfresco
Family area
Living area (study)
Living looking into dining area
Wall niches
The ceiling. No lights yet.
Wallway ceiling
Master bedroom alcove
Toilet in the ensuite
French doors
Ensuite vanity
Shower heads
Shower niche
Shower frame. The reflection makes the illusion that there's also a window iside the shower area.
The ensuite windows
Walk in Robe

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Darryl@Milani.Ca said...

Awesome! Yet, there's still one that absolutely captivates me, and that's the bathroom! Using stainless and brass bathroom fixtures can really be beneficial because it can withstand corrosion and rust.