Saturday, November 20, 2010

Down pipes (d99)

Went by the house today, I don't know if this was done yesterday, but I noticed the downpipes were fitted. From the looks of things, and evidence of freshly disturbed mud, it looked like he was working today.

31 days until PCI. Can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Doors are hung

Beams over window infills have been painted And here Now the colour looks OK.

Water pooling over the retaining wall footings. The plan is to concrete this are to direct the water away.
This has been painted correctly and the masking tape has bee removed.


Robert Richmond said...

" Can you spot what's wrong with this photo? "

Oh ... Me.. me.. me... Yes. I think your house has been located to far to one side as the down pipe has missed the place on the gutter!! ? :-P

Better get them back and tell them they have to start again!

What were they thinking!?!

Jay said...

They will have to replace that section of your gutter now. But im guessing they didn't put it where the pop is because of the tap down the bottom.

Theres a lot of water around your site. Have you mentioned the word heaving to them.

Where abouts are you building Jay.

vi-jay said...


We're building in Wishart (Brisbane), Queensland.

Yes there's always water pooling in the rear of my house. There's reason for that. The side retaining wall has it's footings projected towards the house, as it was the only way to build it without taking down the neighbouring fance. Which was sensible enough, but never did we anticipate this much pooling of water. It has no where to go as the concrete footing sits below where the water wants to go. We'll be concreting a path around this section to draw the water away. But again we can't do with until handover.

Robert Richmond said...

Dig a trench?

vi-jay said...

I might have to try that Robert, just as a quick temporary solution.

Jay said...

Hey Vi-Jay can i send you an email and ask you whether something is done right or if it is allowed engineering wise??

vi-jay said...

You can try, I don't do much domestic stuff. More industrial/commercial. Do you have my email?

Jay said...

nope.. Should be the same pricipals though.

vi-jay said...
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