Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still tiling (d83)

I swear the tiler has been here two weeks or so. He's good at his job, but is taking his time. He's a one man band. Such a contrast to the crew of brickies and roof tilers, that I am used to. He's only doing the wet areas which is a small area, but I guess there's a lot of attention to detail here, a lot of cutting around seals and floor drains too.
Don't know what is happening here. It seems the water if overflowing from the gutters. I'm not sure if there's a blockage or something else. I will have to monitor it on wet days.
How are we looking?


Robert Richmond said...

What's going on here with the eave??

vi-jay said...

I don't, I have to monitor it when it rains next. It was very strange. Some other person had a similar problem, something about over flashing.