Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Final coat (d95)

I had a thorough external look at the house today. I noticed they had missed the support beams across the top of window in fills.

I had a chance to go inside for once. I really wanted to know how our colour selection looked like since it's what we'll be seeing all the time.

The painters said they will finish the final coat tomorrow, and will be completely finish by Friday. I didn't bother going with Metricon on feature walls. I figured it will be cheaper to get a painter in later on to do it for us.

36 days until PCI

No paint here
No paint here either

Same here

No paint in the corners, there's a reason that masking tape is there.

Ensuite vanity
Colour scheme through the entrance

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Robert Richmond said...

Yes. We are going to do the same for our feature walls....