Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Watertank arrived (d108)

Well this morning I waited for the tank guy to delivery my water tank. While I was doing so I thought I would trim the tree branches hanging over the fence line along the garage side. I then took a look behind be at the gutter to see how I would attach the gutter leaf guards. To my suprise, there were a roof tile missing. And the tile next to it, had been crcked and fixed up with silicon.

Then remembering back to the last big rain fall we had, I noticed that problem with water running over the eaves. I realised it was the water running off the roof into the roof cavity and running off the eaves.

I rang the SS to his suprise also, he thought that, when the tiler came around to replace the cracked tile above the family area, he must have taken this one and not covered it up. I asked if the water that came in would damage anything. His defense is that it would dry out. Yes it would dry out, but would leave things damp and mould could form. I will keep this area monitored, if the walls start to change shape or colour. They will coming back to rip it up and replace it.

So I covered this area with left over sarking, luckily I did we had a brief shower last night. I hope it held during the rain.

11 days until inspection
23 days to PC

Water tank in place. The plumber will be around to connect it in. Still way cheaper than what Metricon wanted to charge.

I trimmed the weeds in the back yard on the week end. Looks much better now.


Jay said...


vi-jay said...

What should I say to my supervisor about it? Should I get it all done again?

Robert Richmond said...

Goodness me! If they are doing their inspections correctly, you'd reckon that they'd pick that up?? I suspect that there have been areas in out house as well that they have noted, and then just kept going without correcting. Mainly to do with the frame.

vi-jay said...

A bit hard to visually inspect this area when it's hard up against the fenceline. I only saw it once I climbed up.