Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blinded by the light

So a few weeks back we got the remaining window coverings installed. To my suprise, they lost some of the order, so they installed what they had, and had to chase up the remaining shutters. Vista Blinds got the go ahead, although all the suppliers we looked at were very similar and close to the mark. The finish of the shutters are better than we thought, although the design did not end being so good on the smaller type windows, as the opening wasn't sufficient to allow much light through, as you will be able to tell.

 This is the dining looking into the living reveal. Closed
 Now open
 From the back
 Here's what I mean about the small opening. Very disappointed, but what can you do now we've spent thousands on it.
 Family to hallway reveal. This is a fixed shutter, can not open like the other.
 From the back
 Bathroom (closed)
 Bathroom (open)
 Master (shut)
Master Open. Little opening as in the others. The one in the display home had low profile framing, which is what we were after, but the option was never brought up.

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