Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, today we had the maintenance guys turn up 10mins ahead of schedule, which was good, as I had to go to work as soon as we were finished.

We went through our list of warantee issues, then his tradesman guy turned up and started to working on the things he could. Some items had to be fixed by a plumber, capenter, electrician, window supplier, and garage installer. So I think the tradesman attended to about half of the minor problems. So we'll be waiting for the others to be fixed as soon as they can organise those contractors to do so. We have minor issues with appliances, and we were told to ring the appliance manufacturers to fix their waranty issues.

Can't say their were any major things that needed fixing up. The common things are fixing paint work in the cornices as the foundation settles and the house moves.

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