Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mission: Lawn - Completed

Well after the dramas of under supply of turf. I am happy to say it's all done. Apart from one thing. Our water tank is running on empty. How can that happen? I supposed we've been using for almost 3 months, but I didn't think we used that much. And where has the rain been? I hope I don't offend anyway, especially those who are building, but.... where is the rain when you need it? It rained the first day, then it was gone.

I think there is also something wrong with how our roof and tank yield rain. I think more is going into storm water than there is supposed to go into the tank.

I borrowed the lawn roller from the in-laws and had a go at rolling. It's tough back-breaking work. Another reason why rain would be good is because, it takes me a good 45mins to water approximately 210sqm of lawn. There are better things I'd rather do.

Just how long am I supposed to be watering the new turf daily for? I was told that in 4 weeks, I can mow it for the first time. Not looking forward to that. Good thing is I bought low maintenance grass. It's called Empire Zoysia (Japonica). Apparently it doesn't need as much sun was other types, and best part is the low maintenance side.


Robert Richmond said...

Hahaha... Mowing the lawn. Yes. I just did a quick mow of our lawn on the weekend. Yours looks a little easier as its seems to be laid very well. Mine needs some fill.

They told us to give it a light trim before your really "mow" it. I was liking not having to mow.....

We watered ours almost every day for the first week. Didn't really soak it though..the rain has been good for that.

Who's putting up your fence?

JayJay said...

My lawn supplier told me, I could give it a trim after 4 weeks of it being laid. Then when I mow it, I have to have it at a height of 40mm.

I have contracted Global Fencing Panels at Capalaba to do our fencing. Their lead time is about 4 weeks, so I'm not going to be having it up anytime soon. I guess that's the good thing about DIY jobs, it can be done straight away, but then again it doesn't go up as fast as you would like, probably we don't have the man-power these bigger companies have.