Friday, April 8, 2011

Lawn at long last

The turf got laid over two day. Machinery had to be craned over the fence just to access the upper backyard, and another bobcat was relaying top soil from the bottom for him to spread over. So it was a team effort. So happy it got done though.

Did you believe they under supplied. The front didn't get completed. They will be supply more tomorrow, and I will have to lay it myself. I will then take photos.

I've booked the fence people in. So I can't wait til thats done. Then the outside is almost done, just need a shed.

Still buying furnishings for the inside of the house. I will be going shopping for lights this week, I think I need to replace the existing battens, with more decorative lights. I booked the Climate smart people the other day, now we can monitor how much power we use.

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Robert Richmond said...

Hey Jay,

Yeah. Idid the same thing (Boobked in a climate smart visit). Got solar panels coming next. The grass looks really good!