Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On the 1st of July, the QLD government introduced the new home builders grant. If you have owned a house, and are wanting to build a new home. The state government will give you $10,000. If you are a first home owner and wish to build, you will be entitled to $17,000. I'm not sure if the first home buyer is still eempt from stamp duty either. What a bonus!

I'm so upset, we missed it by 5 and half months.

Rachel & Sandy, I wonder if you're eligible?


Rachel and Sandy said...

Exactly what I was wondering. Thanks for the info I will do some research - 10k would come in very useful

Rachel and Sandy said...

No we don't qualify. It's for contracts signed from august 2011 to end january 2012. Plus house and land value needs to be under $600,000. But it's good info for people planning to do or buy a new build home

JayJay said...

How disappointing. We don't get any credit for keeping the industry alive during the low period.

I might have saved $10,000 in price escalations, had I built now anyway.