Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dishwasher Dilemma

So we'd been living in our new house for approximately 3 months. We've been compiling a list of defect and maintenance issue for the 6 month maintenance inspection coming soon.

One thing we've failed to use, and thought it would be a good idea to try out so that we could determine if it works or if there are any leaks, was the dishwasher. So we decided that we would use it the same day we had piled up a load of dishes to wash. We read the instructions carefully on how to operate it. Plced our dirty dishes in the machine, and hit start. The clock counted down from 2hrs and 15mins. I was shocked.

My question for those who have just moved or have moved in to their new house is:

"How long does your dishwasher do a cycle of washing?". I swear I could have 10-20 loads of dishes in that time. So we left it overnight, since it would have been close to 1am by the time the machine finished.

The next morning we woke up and decided to take a look. Everything was clean, but the things inside were all still wet. I assumed that sitting on a rack overnight would have been enough time to drip dry, also I thought a dishwasher develops a high enough temperature for the contents to steam dry. Is this the case, or was the fact I had the machine closed all night, made the difference. I am new to the dishwasher caper. Never used one, and am disappointed with my first experience with it.

I thought it was supposed to save me water, but how is a 2hr and 15min wash going save me water. I will have to give it another shot another time, this time monitor the temperature of the wash, as it's supposed to get really hot, isn't it?

Any tips will be appreciated.


Rachel and Sandy said...

Hi Jay
Yes 2hr 15 min is about right for the dishwasher. It pulls in water and then like a washing machine swooshes it around for ages sending jets of water spinning over your dirty dishes. It depends which cycle you use as to whether things are dry or not. We used to fill ours set the timer and let it do its stuff over night. Yes it gets super hot and really it does use less water than washing by hand but obviously you have to factor in the electricity.

JayJay said...

Thanks Rachel or Sandy,

This is a Metricon supplied Baumatic system. I ask a friend of mine who has an older house with an older dishwasher and they say theirs only goes 45mins max. So we got a bit concerned whether we were doing it right or not.

It would be interesting to get feedback from other Metricon builders who have a similar model. But from what you're saying. It appears it's doing the right job.

Robert Richmond said...

Yes. Ours is the same.. (Timed it at last!!)