Thursday, April 28, 2011

Metricon Referral Bonus

Do any of us building realise we are entitled to a referral commission bonus from Metricon? Yeah apparently when you sign up for the Preliminary Contract and pay your $1500 initial deposit there is a question about how you came to know about Metricon. If you tick the referral box and nominate a person who has recently built with Metricon, then that person is entitled to $1000 (I think).

When we had signed with Metricon we became of distant friends that had built with Metricon, and tried to get this referral bonus sent to them. But the sales consultant said it was too late. We had to nominate them at the preliminary stage. We said we were going to go halves in the bonus. We just wanted to get something back.

I mean why not take advantage of free money when it's out there. If anyone is thinking of building, and wants to nominate me. Send me a message, I will take a $100 cut, and give you the rest LOL. Why not?


Jay said...

Why would anyone want to refer them?? Money or not.

JayJay said...

Truth is people are building with them regardless of what we think. Isn't it better we get something back from the crooks? Even if it's measly. We can give a bad referral and we'd still be entitled to the bonus.

Robert Richmond said...

In Qld, I would refer others to them. Maybe not so in other states from what I have seen going on in your blog Jay (not jayjay!)

JayJay said...

Yeah I changed my name to distinguish myself from The Jay