Monday, July 4, 2011

We have solar

Well we had the solar panels installed on the 22nd of June. Which was a few days less than the 8 weeks waiting period we had to queue for. We opted for a 1.5kW system, the reason we didn't go any larger was that the rebate isn't scaled up for a larger system. Whether you go 1.5 or 50kW, the rebate is the same, and it was way out of our budget. So we got the bear minimum, just so we could do our bit for the environment, that that it would do anything anyway.

Another reason was that we have checked our usage and it turns out, during the day we are only consuming on average 0.75kW, so we would be putting back half of what is generated. Which is still OK. Since the powering going back is worth more than is going in, we thought we'd see if we'd get any benefits without the huge expense.

 Look at the panels, we could have fitted almost 10times as many panels. Which would make us fairly self sufficient, not having to paying any power bills. Would mean we would have to invest in power storage batteries for the night time and rainy weather.

 This is the bright blue inverter that converts the power from the sun to usable 240V in the home.

They also added a circuit breaker for the unit (top left). That loose white thing-a-me-bob is our Climate Smart energy monitor.

Would you believe we have to wait an additional 6-8 weeks before we are connected to the grid. Be cautious guys, if you think you're going to generate power straight away. No, you must wait for a technician from the power company to come and connect you. I guess they can take their time, why would they want to be giving out solar credits straight away. It's the same as those banks who decide to increase rates as soon as the rate rise has been announced, and take their time to discount them when the official rates decrease. Same as petrol.


Yam said...

Hi Jay.

Thank you for this post. I am also interested in installing solar system. I have few questions for you :)

1. How much roughly did you have to pay after any government rebates?

2. I heard that the government rebate has already expired. Is this true?

3. How much would it cost you if you want to install a battery so you can store electricity?

Thank you again for your post

Rachel and Sandy said...

Neat job. We would like to do solar too but we will have to wait until build is finished. No rebates for us then unless they reintroduce them. I hope they connect you up to the mains soon!

JayJay said...

H Yam,

We paid just under $3000 for the 1.5kW system. I swear a month before we committed it was a thousand less. Yes we were kicking ourselves we took that long to make a decision. but a few months before they were going for about $1500.

Full government rebates have expired. But they are still giving the rebates, just not as much. The same unit I bought not costs, under $4000, so what ever the rebate was, it must have reduced by $1000.

I have no idea, how much back-up batteries would cost. I assume it would be a lot. I never asked to be honest. It's not a standard question they would ask, I guess it would only be fore those who are looking for 10kW+ units.

Yam said...

Hi Jay

Thank you for your reply. Yeah I heard that you have to pay a tax if you want to store electricity in house.

JayJay said...

That's the first I heard. That's ridiculous if they tax you for that.

Robert Richmond said...

Almost been 8 weeks since ours was sign of getting it connected to the grid just yet...!!