Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm ever so close to having fixed internet on. First the dramas of the trenching of the telephone lead in cable, then I was told I can't get ADSL2+. I asked if I could get ADSL, they told me it maybe possible, but not guaranteed. So a few providers did some investigation, and tell me I have Pair Gain on my line. They will require Telstra to turn it off or something like that.

Anyway I thought I would post some pics of what's been happening inside. We had the holland blind put in various locations arround the house. Shutters will go in the remainer of the windows, have not arrived yet, but looking forward to the privacy from the toilet. Good thing we don't have a neighbour yet.

 The entertainment unit. Got a good price on this as it was the last one left.
 Clock. It was annoying the first few weeks, as we had to either look at the oven, microwave or a/c controller for the time.
 Canvas painting in the living. Looking for more to scatter around the house.
Second book shelf as the first one got filled quickly
It's chockers.

So the fence is booked. Neighbours have agreed to colorbond down the side. And the rest we are doing aluminium pool type, and a few gates also.

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