Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Driveway Yay!

From Thursday, Friday and throughout the weekend my concrete guy came to box up my concrete driveway and front paths. There was a fair bit of prepping to be performed. A lot of fill had to be put down in the driveway area, due to the slope and existing soil levels. He also came back Sunday to work on the steps that I love by the way. Not what I had originally intended, but when he showed me some similar ones he had done on a previous job, I said I wanted those. So he agreed to do it for me.

We went for expose aggregate, since we have a sloping driveway, we thought it would give us the best grip. I didn't take any progress photos, I wish I did as it would have been good to refer back to. I really only have AFTER photos. Showing the finished result. In the end we choose a Hansen exposed product, as it was better than the Boral choice I thought. We paid extra for the off-white cement also. Which makes the steps look slightly bad since it has normal grey mortar sticking it together.

View looking back from the french doors. This will be built into a courtyard for me and missus, a little private oasis. We open the doors from the master bedroom for some fresh air.
Here it is from the other view. Behind those french doors is the master bedroom.
Straight on view, including path.
We called flyscreen people that Metricon recommended and asked for security mesh. It is a Crimsafe alternative, and even said Crimsafe is over-rated and too expensive. So for half the cost we had this stainless steel security screen fitted. You can also see the frosted front door which cost a 80% less that if it was properly done with Metricon. It's just a frost film applied to the glass, gives us the privacy we need for a fraction of the cost. If we don't like it, we just remove it.
Here are those steps he put in. It is sandstone finish to besser block and sandstone colout pavers on top. Originally I was going to use the sleeps as the facing for the steps. I think this looks better.
Leftover carpet, so we are using as the door mat. For now, untill we get a proper mat.
Path going around the portico
Steps again going to the entrance
The finished driveway. He will come back in 48hours of the lay to seal and cut the concrete.


Sam said...

Hey Jay

It so nice to see the finish product. Driveway looks neat. Does the concrete retaining wall cost much more than timber sleepers? I need retaining walls on both side of our land after settlement.

JayJay said...

They do cost more. Rough price is $120 per sqm for supply only, and $245 per sqm installed (plain concrete), for sandstone finish it is $20-30 more.

Robert Richmond said...

Hi Jay,

Where do you get the frost film from?

JayJay said...

I rang a tinting mob to come and do it, they don't charge too much for a small job like that. It cost me $150 for the door and the two side lights. Probably less for just the door. You can also buy a sheet from Bunnings for $20, but it's not as good or thick. I just remembered, you can order cut sheets from the tint mob and they will just supply it, and you can apply it yourself. It's a bit tricky, because I bought a sheet from bunnings to do my toilet and bathroom windows, it takes awhile to understand the procedure.

Another things is, they we thought it was a good idea because of the privacy, but when it got installed. We actually missed having a clear view through the door. I know we could easily remove it so we can see through, but the thought of wasting our money plays on my mind.

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