Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I feel a rant coming on

Moved in over a week ago, all in all have been happy with the result. Only a few niggling things to complain about, and for others who are nearing completion to check before handover.

1. HotWater System. It's been a persisting problem since we moved in. The instantaneous hot water system from Rheem doesn't seem to cut it for us. We don't have overly hot showers, although my wife seems to like it cooler than I do. If you tend to like your showers a little on the cooler side, then you might have this problem. If the mixer lever is left halfway between hot and cold, it will come out at the a good temperature and halfway during your shower the temperature will cut to cold only. I have queried it with Metricon and Rheem. The sent a service guy around, and says there was no problem with the system, and even said that the builders contractors didn't set the gas correctly, so in turn charged me for it, and I am going to pass the charge onto Metricon. The problem was diagnosed as being a flow issue, if you don't open the hot enough, than the sensor doesn't think you are using enough and will cut out. So now we've had to take slightly hotter (even though we don't like it) showers. The kiddies complain that the baths are too hot also. The Rheem guy seems to think his product is not that good, quite funny to think he doesn't endorse his own product, but I guess he only works for them.

2. Microwave: It's been a constant problem from the beginning, the door to the microwave has issues. It's requires a significant amount of effort to open the door. It's almost like it's sticky. Even the button doesn't seem to be functioning all that well. I tried ringing the service people, they asked me if I have registered the warantee, I said no, as I have no internet and no phone. I was a bit reluctant to stay on hold for hours on ends even though I am calling a free call number from a mobile, as I believe it's still charge at call rates. so being put on hold for so long I gave up. Now that I have internet I will register online and call again tomorrow. When I register the warantee it asks for a serial number. I can find it. Nor can I find the model and serial for the gas cooker. Anyone have any tips?

3. Laundry cabinet: After calling my SS after handover to ask about the hole in my cabinet not being there for the washer, he didn't answer my call so I left a message. He didn't answer, so I coudn't be bothered waiting so I went to buy my own hole-saw cutter and did it myself. Then the courtesy calls came from the construction manager and support team, I told them about leaving a message with my SS and not returning my calls. He calls me straight back and I address the problem, and he says they can not cut a hole for some stupid reason. I'm sure there are some of you that have had it done prior to handover with no problems. I don't know what his problem is.

4. Duce bifold doors. On the bottom latches for the bi-fold doors, I notice a hole to place a key in to lock doors if needed. So I rang up Metricon asking if there is one, as I wasn't given any keys for this at handover. It turns out that they do requires keys, and my SS said he had given me the keys. I have proof he didn't as my blog post for handover shows all the keys given. Apparently they are golden in colour, so upon checking I did not receive these keys. Please check guys that you are given your bi-fold door keys on handover. My SS keeps promising me he will drop them off to me, to this day he still hasn't it's been a week.

They are all the problems I seem to be having at this stage. If I remember any more I will advise you readers.


Robert Richmond said...

Hi Jay. It's good to read through these issues. I will be getting the hot water system checked and the appliances warranty details before handover is done for sure! Serial numbers and all.

As for the Bi Folds. Yes. We have three sets of keys for these at our place. They all lock from the inside.

The Laundry cupboard. Hole is already cut out..?

Shayne said...

Thanks for the post - I will be on the lookout for these issues now too :)

I wouldn't have thought to make sure I knew where to locate the serial numbers for the appliances, one of those little things you forget I guess.

We are getting the Rheem instantaneous so I will be interested to see if we have the same issue..

I think we have a cut out already in our laundry cupboard already - will check photos.

Hope everything is sorted out soon.