Friday, February 11, 2011

Damn this microwave

Well this microwave is really getting on my nerves, not only the sticky door which seems to open  as it pleases, but I really hate programming any times over 3mins into the microwave. Apparently if I want to program a cook for 5mins, I have to select microwave power 100%, then count down the timer from 60 down to 5.

Why can't we have a microwave with the numerical buttons like normal. I'm sure I'm not the only one that doesn't like this feature. Still yet to use the oven and dishwasher. Don't know if they have any issues yet.

Apparently no one wants to be responsible for the hotwater service. Looks like we will end up paying the bill, and it wasn't even our fault. They are blaming each other. There goes $110 for nothing.


Tonia said...

Oh no..thats horrible! Does everyone get this type of microwave? I hope we don't (I have no idea what kind it is) nobody seems to explain anything!

Robert Richmond said...

Hmmm... Well I would just send the invoice to Metricon. They built the house, they should sort it out.

I think if I have these issues, I will get them to sort it out, not me. It should be covered in their guarantee.

JayJay said...

Robert, I have sent it onto Metricon. What I should have asked is for the technician to bill Metricon and not me, while waiting to be reimbursed. That fee is just the call out fee, he adjusted a few things, but still hasn't fixed the problem. I want to know if anyone else is having a problem with warm showers, or do you need to turn it up a notch just so the hot water doesn't switch off.

Tonia, apparently we all get the same microwave. It's part of the promotion. Really should have tested it out in StudioM more rigorously. But I don't think we can do anything about it. It's their promotion they will supply us with which ever one they please. We don't have any say in it. It's not like it doesn't work, it just very tedious for it to do what you want.