Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A tip for those close to handover

It seems each build has it's own dilemma's, I thought I'd heard them all reading all the blogs about building home whether it be Metricon or not.

Well into the first week of living inside our new home, we found that the ensuite bathroom drain wasn't draining too well. I picked it up on the 4th day while I was having my morning shower. I mentioned it to my wife and she also confirmed she had the same problem the night before.

So with tools in hand I thought I'd investigate. I lifted up our smart tile waste drain, very easy to remove. I believe the chrome waste drains you need to unscrew to remove, so I peeked into the drain after leaving for an hour so the water would subside. In the darkness I notices something that looked like a plastic bag, there wasn't one but two. So I grabbed the crow bar as it was the only stick I had that was long enough to get down, tried repeatedly to grab hold of what ever it was and as itcame to the surface on the end of the crow bar, I'm thinking "what the heck?"

A balloon, not one but I was able to remove the second one later on. Then I realised that they used these balloons to test the waterproofing when they do the wet areas. The person who popped the balloons left it and disposed of it into the shower drain. It could have ended up being a bigger problem if it had washed away into the storm water and snagged onto something else and clogged the system.

So something to be weary about. I will be complaining about this to the construction manager. Who seems to to be calling more often that my Site Supervisor ever did.


Jay said...

Thats not good. But feel comforted in that we have chunks of concrete and other stuff in ours.

JayJay said...

There's all that in there too, but iat least it stays put and not causing any blackages just yet.