Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Front retaining wall

Later last week we had our retaining wall installed. Which we agree look great with the sandstone effect look. It definitely adds to the look of the house.

The contractor spent 3 days on site a half of that was raining. First day was rough excavation and post drilling, the second day was erecting posts and pouring the concrete footings. The third day was laying the sleepers and backfilling the wall.

After I came home I saw the wall from the front and was pleasantly impressed, then as I walked to the door I looked behind the wall and it looked quite ordinary with the lack of back fill. The contractor left us his number if we chose to have him back for backfilling, as long as we supplied the backfill. I asked the contractor to come back when he had time to finish it off, and I asked him how much back fill he thought I needed. He told me 5cum. So I ordered as much and it arrived the morning he was due back, the amount looked too small so I ended up ordering another load. 10cum in total, and it was lucky I did. The final result ended up being just enough to reach the tope sleeper, but uncompressed. So it will be interesting how much the soil compresses after some rain, and how the level will drop. I am not too worried at the moment as I will be turfing this later and there will be top soil laid before the turf which will add abit bit more to the soil level.

As you can see from the photos our driveway has not been done, but nothing is stopping it now from going in, apart from a job that the concreter has to finish before he attends to mine. So far he's scheduled to start Wednesday but with this Brisbane weather, it's not looking good for a start this week, with the chances of storms and rain. I was really looking forward to driving into our garage for the first time next week, to keep the car out of the sun. We've been parking the vehicles on the driveway provided for us from the developer so it's been ok apart from the gravel and road base we have to trip over when going to the front door.


Tonia said...

Retaining wall looks great!! What colour are you painting it?

Tonia said...

Oops just realised it was sandstone!! LOL :) Had to enlarge the picture to double check! Looks wonderful Jay :)

Robert Richmond said...

Looks great Jay!

JayJay said...

Awww you guys just saying that.