Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Move in Progress

A bit over two weeks in the house and alot has changed.

The arrival of all our furniture, even with the added drama.

First came the coffee table and the sofa's for the living room from Nick Scali. The Dining table was also supposed to arrive but was told that the one that arrive had a defect in it, so they would try to get a replacement for next week. So we ended up having the dining chairs with no table.

 Coffee Table (we bought clear vinyl cover to protect it from the kids)
 This is the 3 seater sofa
 Then the 2 seater
 The Dining table and seats which came later, also with a clear cover for protection
On the weekend Plush delivered our lounge suites. The big one is a modular set, can you believe they only delivered the chaise, and the other section was left out. They ended up delivering first thing Monday morning. Which was great.

I got to finish off the vegetable garden and put up the clothesline.
I managed to convert the dead space between the boundary fence and the retaining wall into a vegetable garden. I took some soil from out back, and filled it level and added top soil above the clay fill. Now to plant something.

The glass panels arrived also, now these will be installed this week, thus finishing off the acoustic treatment of the house. I can have this cleared for final certification now.
This week is the beginning of the front landscaping. We will have the front retaining wall up and I was advised a week later for the driveway. This is in order for the concrete to cure enough to develop strength to take mechanical backfilling to build up the sections for the driveway edge. I think I might call the turf mob to come in and do some laying while the extents of the concreting is boxed out.


Robert Richmond said...

Jay..Are you off work at the moment? You are getting a lot done! ;->

JayJay said...

I just returned to work this week, in fact it's my 3rd day back. I had taken 7 weeks off total, just when the Christmas break started.