Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milestone hit

100th post, and an update on the weeks progress.

Feature walls got completed today. We have 8 walls done. The kids want a mural sticker done in their rooms. Harvey Norman sell these and look quite good.

 Family room, the reveal is more obvious now
 Dining into living area
 Living area rear wall
 Hallway niches
 Master bedroom rear wall
Study, now converted to the nursery.

I had the electricity transferred in my name, and order the gas bottle. They arrived 2 days after I signed up.

 I've got gas, can anyone tell?
Side of house

Alfresco slab was poured on Saturday, we had finally reached the dry spell and they were ready to hit the slab and have it over and done with. Today he returned to clean the edges and remove the formwork on the stairs.

I had the enclosure guy come around to install the back acoustic wall on the alfresco. The frame is just erected and the glass has been measured to have manufactured to fit. We are now considering enclosing the whole outdoor area. Why? to keep out the annoying bugs that will lay eggs on the ceiling. We could also open it up so that the cool a/c air runs out of the house and stay enclosed in this area. A sliding door will allow access to the outer area.

 Enclosure framing
 Drainage down the side of wall
 Stairs look a bit rough, I will have him neaten it up.
 Step out of the house from the bifold doors
Looking back along the wall

We are still stenciling this concrete with a paver look pattern. It's actually called colour-crete. Stencilling is where you stamp the concrete when it's wet to have a textured finished then painted over. They can't attend to this for another 2 weeks to allow for some minerals to leech from the concrete.

 Looking into the nursery room, complete with cot. Gotta say the western sun is hot. The shutters should block most of it, and a/c will be working hard at this end of the house.

We called BCC and arranged for the wheelie bins to be delivered. Tomorrow will be their first day of collection. I hope they'll deal with it better then the first day of school for one of our kids.
Really it's my wheelie bin, really 

 Fridge was too close to call. I measured and got the specs, but didn't think it would be that close.
This is Homer, he's a simpson. Still waiting for my hole so I can connect him up to the taps, under the sink.

Blinds, shutters have been measured this week.

Next weeks spells another busy week. My daughters birthday, dining table and lounge set arrives. Front retaining wall to be completed, then I will have the driveway done. Another lounge suite to arrive from another supplier. Also I will be having frosted privacy film added to the front door. Don't want to see unwated guest looking through our door.

Hoping I can have the rear concrete colour-creted by next month, then turf can go in after that, then to finish off the fencing around the house.


Robert Richmond said...

Hey Jay,

Love the colour of your feature walls. I was about to call Origin as well to organise the Gas.... We are using 45KG Cylinders as well.

The rear area of the house is looking great! I was thinking of going down the expensive route and adding the courier mail to some of our windows as covers until we get the final ones delivered.

Our site supervisor won't let us put the driveway in until after handover..what did yours say?

JayJay said...

Ours said the same thing about the driveway. Better that way anyway, you never know, one of their contractors might conveniently slip and twist his ankle on it, and then you'd have a lawsuit on your hands.

Another scenario that may occur is that, they charge you for it on the contract, as they thought it was part of their scope. I've heard of people having extra electrical work done by others, and Metricon picked it up and charged it as if it was part of the contract.