Friday, January 21, 2011


Today was handover. My BSC took me through the appliances and then handed the cheque over. Then my Supervisor took over and took me through the handing over part, pretty much signing my life away on certian paper work. Almost got RSI.

Got my 6 sets of door keys, 2 garage openers and 10 windows keys also a gift from the builder how nice I was hoping for something that was 60"+ and plasma. I'm still waiting on my french door keys as they delivered the wrong ones. But will be express posted to me. All in all fairly happy about how everything went. Now will have to wait for my 6month maintenance before we talk again.

Now to organise the gas & electricity, phone & internet. Wheelie bins got delivered today.


Shayne said...


Must be an amazing feeling :)

Tonia said...

OMG congratulations!!!!

JayJay said...

You might think it's an amazing feeling but then the penny drops and then you realise how much extra work there is to really complete things. I guess "handover" means handing over the responsibilities to you. Haha :-)

I hope you both all the best in your build. It really is an amazing experience, the ups & down. But well worth it. Until the next build hey?

Robert Richmond said...

Hey Jay!

This is great news. I hope you and your "new" family, all enjoy your home. Have you got your driveway done?... That box looks a little small for a 60" plasma....hmmmm let me guess.. It's a 10" plasma? Are you taking time off work to get everything else done? I'm going to take 4 weeks off to get everything done.

Hope to see some finished pics of the home when you are done.

JayJay said...

Robert, I'm still on holidays from the Christmas break. I'm still finishing off my 7 week break. I took that much off because of the new addition, and also the move. So I still have another 3 weeks left up my sleeve. Kids start school next week so that will be insteresting.

That gift box contained a water pitcher, an oil dispenser for cooking, salt & pepper shaker etc. Not exactly what I wished for, but at least it was something.