Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Locked out (d68)

Today spells the beginning of the end. I was locked out of my own home. I guess there won't be as many photos from here on in. Unless I can gain access inside. MAjority of photos will be taken through the windows.

Looks like the cornices are on, and cabinets installed. Architraves will be fitted on soon I guess.

Ensuite basin
Toilet. Looks like waterproofing has been down.

Water proofing of bathroom
Shower water proof. I've seen other houses where the black resin is applied all over, but here they do the bare minimum over the patched areas.

Laundry also waterproofed
Looking at kitchen. I see the overhead cupboards, and the island bench.

Better view, but mind the reflection

The soffits under the eaves are being fitted. Those timber bits look old, and mouldy.

Eaves down the side
Eaves over the french doors

Eaves over the study

Sheeted the top of the entrance way.It really improves the look.

Garage access door locked
Other door going outside.

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