Friday, October 8, 2010

Bricking day 3 (d56)

Week 8

Today was supposed to be the last day for bricking. The brickies had the last few courses of brickwork to do and then the front portico before they left site. I thought it was the rain that caused them to stop on the portico. But on close examination, it was because they ran out of double height bricks. Some einstein in the purhasing department must have order too many single height bricks, and did not purchase enough double height bricks. I guess they have to come back and finish off.

We have double height bricks, with offwhite mortar with white sand and rolled mortar joints.
View from inside the french doors
Here I can see Mt Gravatt lookout.
The garage required a fire rated wall because of the close proximity to the neighbours property. Just in case a fire were to occur, we would have more time to escape.
Noticed this attached to the door.
Bricked piers about post slip joints
Bag of termite barrier
Wet grounds
Too many single height bricks
White sand for the mortar
French doors
Study (baby nursery) room
Fridge space with water tap for water dispenser and ice-maker
Cutout in wall from dining area into living
Dining room
Ceiling started to be sheeted
Laundry waste
More ceiling
Detail of mortar
Dining room, then living room windows
Alfresco bifolds
Alfresco window
There is a pipe under here. Those brickies removed the down pipes and never reinstated them
Missed it by that much. That pad for the bricked piers looks like it missed the mark.
Rear of house, see the boundary sleeper wall
Alfresco wall, we're looking to put a kitchenette in here.
More bricked piers
Saw a crack in the roof tiles
It caused this puddle on the floor. Good thing for the rain, or we might have sheeted the roof and never seen it.
Cornice and gyprock ready for the walls.
More gyprock
They started flush mortar then had to fix it up according to the building specs.
Front door
Can you believe we ran out of bricks?

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