Saturday, August 14, 2010

Start Surveying Foundation (d1)

Walls are finished, and we got rid of the excess fill. The SS was very disappointed in the wall builder for not getting rid of it before he said he could have access back onto the block. We cut it close, because the day we had the bob cat running around leveling the fill onto the neighbouring block, it started to rain. And it rained for a couple of day. Which made the block damp and soggy. If any of you have worked on a clay site, it's very difficult. The clay builds up on the bottom of your boots, and you feel like you're wearing lifts, or platform shoes.

The excavator guy didn't do the job I wanted. I wanted the neighbours block to be flattened and level, not sloping the way it is. But I guess he did the best in the circumstances. It was pretty much raining during the work. But also I asked him the compact the soil around the footings of the wall which had the footings directed at the house. The soil when it gets wet will absorb the moisture and make it really soft like a sponge. If it's compacted properly, than the amount of moisture it absorbed is minimised. As we can see this is why the surveyors stopped, the site was too wet to work with. The pegs would not stay put. He only got partially the way around and stopped work.
Got top soil on top of the yard space, it will level at handover and turfed. I also concerned that the yard area is not properly compacted. Once we recieve rain and the soil looses the aeration, the soil will drop, more so because it's clay type soil. Highly reactive.
Some survey pegs

That fill was flattened as best it could be

The soil is very wet.

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