Friday, August 20, 2010

Piered Footings (d6)

I was right about the soil on top of the retaining wall footing. It was soft as a sponge. The guys boots were sinking into the soil like quick sand. Metricon excavated a trench for the footings around the alfresco area. I can count 4 missing footings that have not been piered. I will address it with the SS. They scraped the soil off the footing. They will come in with a concrete cutter to cut the footings shorted so they can make the house edge beam wider.

Edge beam rebate should be in line with the footing.

I hindsight, I should have put up a sleeeper wall here. Elliminating the need for waterproofing, large footings, and it could have been installed closer to the fence. We wouldn't have had the drainage issues either. It slightly cheaper, but doesn't look as nice. I'm kicking myself, now, as I'm not sure what implications this causes to the drainage of the land.

I will be paying for variations to cover the costs in this too.

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