Friday, August 6, 2010


Backfill began today. The builder purchase a huge amount of grave to back fill that he didn't touch the entire amount of fill he has excavated.

We have a problem. Not only do we have fill on the neighbours block, that we didn't use, but we have excess left over. What are we to do?

Option 1. Find someone that will take it, that means hiring a bobcat, dump trucks, and paying for disposal. This could end up costing $2500+

Option 2. Ask neighbour if they would like to level it onto their block, thus making it higher that it was. If a house was to be built, it would definitely sit higher than it would have, which everyone prefers.

Fill we ordered. I so regret having this organised. Old posts on the right.
Left over fill.

Filled up the back yard.
Two sleepers left over

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