Friday, September 24, 2010

Roof done, Side wrap (d42)

Week 6
I had a site meeting the site supervisor today. Just went through a few issues I had with the frame stage and external plumbing issues. I asked him when he thinks he can have the house ready, still no comment. I guess he doesn't want to commit to any date, just yet.

I love the wrapping, looks like a smurf.

Entrance way is taking shape
French doors go here
Towards front

At rear

Two boots are in the wrong place

Plumber came to rough-in and pumped the water out of the shower recess.

Here too.

Kitchen area, look at the floors... yuck!

Family area

Roof tiling grout
Outdoor area from the back yard


Rear of house between back wall and retaining wall


Overall view

Garage. They missed the top section of the wrap, so they can brick overhand. If you build close to a boundary, rather than removing the fence, they will brick from the inside.

The smurf house.

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Scarlet Weingarten said...

Haha, you're right! The wrapping does remind you of the Smurfs. The roof looks nice; I like the color of the shingles. Did you ask for your roof contractor for any additional treatments for waterproofing your roof and making it last longer?

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