Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wall going up

Today I was more excited about the sleeper wall going in. They back filled the road side with gravel, so no pedestrians can fall into the hole. Now we can reinstate the acoustic wall to stop annoying the neighbours with the road noise.

The block wall is going up, and we've amount a huge amount of excavated fill. Even though the other fill was delivered for free, it seems I won't have a need for it. I'm frantically trying to find somewhere I can dump it. And it's not going to be cheap by the looks of it. It's not my block that I've stockpiled it either. I told the neighbours it was going to be temporarily stored until I can find somewhere to dump it. A very costly mistake. I really should have waited until I needed it. Bugger!

I'm building an Everest home, not mount everest.
Reinforcing bars in the block work.
Yay, sleepr walls in. Some panels were put back into place too. Out off all those sleepers, I have two left over. What am I going to do with it? I can't sell it back. And they were expensive. Almost $400 a pop.
Aggi pipe for drainage. Notice how the footings are facing towards the backfill side. Wall are more effective this way.
This wall we have the footings facing the opposite direction as we didn't want to be removing the fence and excavating more soil back.

They have only partial finished this wall.

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