Thursday, March 5, 2009

GO Straight through to contract, (do not pass go...)

OK Gary rang me today and asked if we would like to go straight through to contract. Probably because he thinks we are genuine in our sale. What does this mean. It means to them that they won't have to print out another set of contract documents, and ultimately save time as we go straight to contract. I will not have to pay the extra amount to do so. It just get's accounted for in the end.

We're just a bit weary about rushing and making mistakes. He says it's ultimately going to save us money. How much in the end, is still unknown. Basically we will be able to start a month ahead of schedule if we go this way. Usually you are not able to make any changes or variations to the contract after this stage, but if we choose this option, we will be able to confirm one set of changes, then the submission will be made. We just have to wait for the costs and estimates to come back to us.

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