Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decisions decision

A few options have presented itself.

1. Rochedale estate is being developed, but who knows when this will happen. The developers keep promising prices are dates, but don't seem to deliver. Again problem with council and DA Pros: New area, who doesn't like to live in a new estate. Cons, unknown timetable, we could be waiting years for this to be available. Seems like the price are too expensive, ridiculously expensive.
2. There a bit of subdivided land in out own suburb, which looks good. Pros: close to daughter's school, close to family, may cut my home commute from 5 mins to 15mins each day. Cons: Battle axes never were favoured by me. Near a main road, slopy land, needs plenty of retaining
3. Some land being up for re-sale in MacKenzie. That means whoever is selling is making some money back. Pros, can built straight away, maybe sell in a year and build somewhere else. Cons don't like the area, close to gateway arterial. Will add upto 20mins commute from work each day. Will need a highset house, since it's a small block. Which means the construction will cost way more that we have budgeted.

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Robert Richmond said...

Yeah...Had a look here as well..didn't like the possible timeline so left it alone.